Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Ode to the Banana


Oh Banana - 

presenting yourself in your own sunshined

wrapper – hanging in a comraderied bunch

or torn to single-hood on granite countertop or 

a ragged hungry hand – throughout the world -

Oh Banana - centerpiece of countless simple 

humor through ages –illustration of all that is 

sweet and softly velvet when revealed… 

Oh complicated, under-rated - majestic Banana - 

from infant mash –to icy daquiri- to show-girl 

headpiece - sexual aid or assist – on and on 

and on whirling in use and taste and wonder

whirling your way even into a last gummed meal –

You Underated - Complicated - Simple - Sensuous - Delight-

Full - Grand Banana  perfume the spectrum of life – echoing

the wildness of verdant wet jungle palms watching us with 

a slick wink –

as we slip and slide

along with you 


  1. Oh what a wonderful ode! I loved considering the many facets of such a simple fruit. Definitely more complex than I had realized, and SO under-appreciated. This was fun to. read and contemplate.

  2. This is totally delightful to read. I am going to go buy a bunch at the store! Smiles.

  3. I totally Love this! "You Underated - Complicated - Simple - Sensuous - Delight-Full - Grand Banana perfume the spectrum of life" and "Oh Banana - centerpiece of countless simple / humor through ages" Gosh. I know, and yet when youu putt together like this, how amazing the humble little banana is.

  4. I recommend sugar bananas....more expensive but worth it....inspiration for countless poems and fruit salads :) Rall

  5. Wow! Pearl! The poem is so full of suggestive lines specially this one :or torn to single-hood on granite countertop...Absolutely love this poem.

  6. I so enjoyed your ode to a banana, Pearl, especially the phrases ‘in your own sunshined wrapper’, ‘centerpiece of countless simple humor’, and these lines that made me giggle:
    ‘Oh complicated, under-rated - majestic Banana -
    from infant mash –to icy daquiri- to show-girl
    headpiece - sexual aid or assist…’

  7. Endlessly useful and delicious as well!