Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The baby was named

The baby was named…

The baby was to be named
with enough tradition to
satisfy the hunger for legacy
The baby was to be named
for my father adored and
gone physically living in my
soul – this baby was going to
be named for him – with swirl
of a silver-threaded tallis and
a rabbi versed in modern ways
smiling in new traditions and
assembled love – the baby was
named –in his home - echoes-
 proud, persistent, prevailing - 
footsteps of those who climbed
Massada, walked to gas chambers
marched for civil rights so that this
day and this child could be born and
be named – this child born into a new
world –where too often respect lays tossed
on a trash-heap of indifference, this newborn
of caring, of love, of tradition, of reverence
for a man, for decency, for sanctity of all life
the baby was named with the name
meaning “lion” and in the twinkle of
this innocent’s infant eyes I watched
the world roar in triumphant survival

and hope

This poem written in response to Midweek Motif's theme of "respect" at Poets United. ... 


  1. What a gift for the child and for the tribe! That tradition of passing on names out of respect and love is compelling. I have a Hebrew name from an Auntie Sonya, but I cannot spell it.

  2. WOW! This is such a powerful testimony to how your family endured, survived - and ultimately, with the birth of this child, triumphed - over its history of oppression. I can hear those footsteps of those who walked to gas chambers and marched for civil rights. I love that the baby's name means lion, and the world's roar of approval. A magnificent poem, Pearl.

  3. touched the strings of my heart and woke memories that are never forgotten but sometimes lie dormant until a reminder !
    And what a reminder !
    Thank you so much for keeping the memories (all of them) we will all
    "never again" and remember that a little child can and will lead us !

  4. Beautiful poem. My favourite lines
    "and in the twinkle of
    this innocent’s infant eyes I watched
    the world roar in triumphant survival"

    have a blessed Wednesday

    Much love...

  5. wow what a powerful poem I feel the respect within the Jewish tradition, I love the line "where too often respect lays tossed
    on a trash-heap of indifference" A sad start for a little one to come into the world but than you put all hope, respect into this future human Great

  6. Wonderfully written. (reborn)

  7. Each new baby is a chance, a promise almost that we ourselves or a part of us will go on. How much more the Jewish people must rejoice with each child after the horror 70-80 years ago that attempted to wipe them all out.

  8. It sounds as if that name is like a blessing to the child.

  9. What a beautiful poem. Fortunate baby to have such a special name bestowed upon him.

  10. A wonderful poem Pearl. So much in a name! Great!