Sunday, August 20, 2017

Finally Getting Some


Finally Getting Some Understanding

Meet me in the sad statues'  park ...
throw me over the back of Lees horse
fuck me with facts - hard until our own hoods
fly from our eyes and our vision blazes unrestricted
fuck me to the core until our unknown lies loose and 
scream free - bucking left and right and in between -
fuck me until we melt steel to stability, smelt chaos to calm - 
Oh yes, fuck me founding fathers until panting-sighing tears
streaming in understanding we rise - finally together in naked 
glory - free at last -free at last - sweat slicked, one nation,atoned, 
attuned, with liberty and justice for all..watching from our perfecting 
hill as the nascent evil orange of torches flicker out over a new horizon 
and a new dawn fingers the very sky in light ....

The Sunday Whirl


  1. What a brilliant and brave write

  2. atoned, attuned, with liberty and justice for all.. oh yes it's a prayer for the whole world.

  3. These are strong words from you but how millions all over the world not only in the states will see and hear aghast at such division in the US that they have seen displayed over the last weeks.

  4. Whew, this poem packs a wallop. So many images of the day. May that 'nascent evil orange of torches' be snuffed out soon; and may a new dawn rise again.

  5. Blunt language to get the message across as forcefully as it deserves.

  6. This is such a strong poem, for me your choice of language is right for this piece of poetry. I read it earlier and have just returned to read again after letting it digest for a while. I think this is a very good write.

  7. Filled with passion and hope for a brilliant future born.

  8. My offense at the use of the 4-letter word is offset by the power of your words! May that new dawn be forthcoming!

  9. Those torches had me as well... it's scary times.

  10. I love this vision, especially of the atoning and attuning.......and the disappearance of the orange torches over the hill of a new horizon. From your mouth to the ears of the world........for it is humans who have created this misery and humans who must fix it.

  11. Wow Pearl you did not hold back and your brave, brutal honest words are necessary as we must get to be 'free at last -free at last - sweat slicked, one nation, atoned, attuned, with liberty and justice for all'....getting rid of those evil torches and any orange lights or faces.

  12. Much as I hate reading "fz?!!"--I have to admit this poem WORKS, POUNDS, tells it like it is. People have been, America has been, Freedom has been abused, broken. Are we down enough to rise?

  13. Would that our immense cognitive dissonance and distraction and pandering drop knickers and commence understanding in the raw red rollick of this poem. And what is surprising and so refreshing here is that a nonwhitemale takes back possession here of what is ours. Is that Liberty finally getting some? Anyway, I add my yay to the fray. It's breathless and furious and dead on. (ps I posted a statue poem yesterday, "Monument in Moonlight.")

  14. 'one nation, atoned, attuned, with liberty and justice for all' - brilliant writing, Pearl! I applaud you.