Sunday, August 6, 2017

Simmer until done

Simmer until done…

Under the surface of the simmered –
chains clank – despite who won what –
chains clank –color bleeds from each
and every pounding throat – and still
the acorn nut grows into an oak tree
year after year – tree after tree - until
as filigreed leaves dance in the sunshine
comes a punch to the throat – a blazing
label of hate no longer hidden - matter
coalescing into a wave of contortion
uncapped, unrestrained, unashamed.
Under the surface of the simmered
The bulging aneurysm of anguish shall
burst into that star spangled banner
waved high and proud and claimed
in a consensus of conscience
finally cooked and ready to serve


  1. Yes. Gracious. Even the oak is implicated as it slides in and out of metaphor. I'd cast my lot with the real live oak if I didn't have to resist, a movement that also grows underground in that slow simmer.

  2. "The bulging aneurysm of anguish" - what a fantastic line that is. The national anthem is full of angst these days. I do hope for liberty to reclaim its rightful place, and soon.


  3. Beautiful words that leave me bereft.

  4. Cynical, indeed; sadly accurate, though.