Sunday, September 25, 2016



at first light I will type the date,
pat my pounding chest with nibbled 
nails -as you glow taunting, sending
spent malevolent completeness
from behind the staring screen-
I will print a hard copy of you, hold 
the heft of you in my hands-rip you, 
shred you, burn you - and after - 
when you are reduced to a pot 
of ashes I will throw you 
to the wind over my garden - 
I shall rinse my burning face - 
in cool water-clear my mind of 
your mess and finally free -hit -


  1. Submission by domination? Though as in 'Enter' ... not!

  2. I love the relational undertones. I could very well say these things to my husband, when I'm feeling saucy, a little bit sexy-violent, but still somehow submissive. :) I'm BIG on begging forgiveness for my mouth around here. I often say, "I know I was out of line, so you decide on my punishment ... or let me know how I can make it better by serving you" (with a sly little smile and wink behind the words, of course). I almost always instantly hear "foot rub" in response. :P

  3. I so know the feeling........but one would not want even the ashes in one's garden. Smiles.

  4. ha.
    And now, I hit Publish

  5. A wonderful take on both writing and the word submission - sometimes we have to submit in Order to free ourselves of certain burdens

  6. There are no other way to shed yourself from someone than this... love the anger you have filled your word with...

  7. Whoa!I had to go and wash my face with cool water after reading this :) Powerful and well understood.

  8. Ah, I empathize with these thoughts. There are some people.....yes, I understand.

  9. Sounds as though that was good to get of the chest. Let's hope tomorrow with be better.

  10. Love the topic and the way the narrative evolves to the beautiful punch line: hit submit... so well written, as always...