Sunday, October 23, 2016

The glory of a misplaced Monday

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The glory of a misplaced Monday 

eyes still shut my mind runs
the day - adjusting the empty
spaces - searching the smile to
send as you leave - and you will
leave - off to the doings of your
happy day - leave me the emptied 
uncoupled hours ... I, scurry scratch
penciled-in pretend usefulness, 
rough-scatter-sketch meandering,
minuscule,  meaning ... and then ... 
though I do not by nature nor faith
nor temperament practice the 
falling to the knees of many 
I fall to my knees in grateful
supplication - uncurling - 
loosening - breathing -
with unclenched heart
opening - opening - 
to this glorious 
gifted Sunday
when you are
here with me
after all. 


  1. Acknowledgement and gratefulness to Divine presence. What an awesome write

    Much love...

  2. Soon a Monday will come... we should enjoy the freedom of sunday another 30 minutes or so.

  3. I like this piece of writing, especially from....I fall to me knees in grateful supplication............. Oh how Sundays are gifted to be with loved ones.

  4. Lovely. I like the way the words cascade, as well as the words themselves. Good work.

  5. Haha! Yes, sometimes a simple mistake will add a day and a blessing. I used to feel ths way about snow days.

  6. The sadness of this touching monologue is overwhelming. We often live our lives still sharing, talking, doing the same things that we once did when we had them with us. Grief is bearable when you can do that.

  7. Sometimes we must fall on our knees
    as is in this place we experience humility

  8. I, scurry scratch
    penciled-in pretend usefulness,
    rough-scatter-sketch meandering

    I love your play upon words.. enthralling!!

  9. Just beautiful, Pearl! I love the form, the mood, the flow, all of it.