Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Daze

Memorial Daze

there in the tawny before glow
when my mind is most lucid
in the mist-creep a chill clinging
as a vine or diverse as a silly
graduation tassel clinging cracking
the mad plaster trap where I have
shelved your leaving me … here –
alone in the tawny before-glow
in the shimmer of tears


  1. Even though we would like to put the past behind us there all around are little memorials of what was. We close our eyes but they are still there and our eyes water and try not to think "What if..?"

  2. The idea of memories as little memorials is wonderful, Pearl. Also love the "tawny before-glow."

    1. Thank you Sara ... means a great deal to me that you stopped and commented :)

  3. So very good to read your poetry again - the sense of memorial rests heavy in this easily the mind can be pulled into a chain of thought..of losses.. and how quickly those brief moments before we are fully awake pass