Saturday, June 20, 2015

My father held his woman-love

My father held his woman-love 
hard and fast in that never-forgotten
facet of his heart – they wander now - still never separate
Their love still tremulous in the architecture of my soul 
He - progenitor of my being – creator of my city of customs
I live on - in - the moral, creative traditions of his essence –
He - vibrant, vivid, shimmering and present –
in the holds of my heart – remember-ing -
Forever and always as long as I draw his given breath


  1. What a beautiful tribute!

  2. How delightful it is to have such a beautiful memory of someone you loved.

  3. I can only echo the beauty that shines from this piece...all the good people are absorbed in us and keep shining...

  4. Oh this was so stunningly beautiful, nearly broke my heart. Well done, indeed.