Sunday, June 28, 2015



Had an idea an idea I had sitting there
on the mailbox - legs swinging had an
idea - holding an old book broke spine 
safe in both hands-tight - had an idea - 
sitting there on the mailbox - toasting 
my behind in the summer sunlight -
Had an idea sitting there on the mail-
box - no-where, no-way, to walk, no-
where to wander - nowhere here - no
else-Where?-Sitting there on the mail-
box - that book warm in hands mine - 
had an idea bigger than all in records -
of time - fold myself to a single page -
words of my soul dancing as I slip to 
the soft dark engage in the tumble of 
soft slips of whirling words - and wait 
to mail my own self to wherever I am 
meant to be 


  1. Wonderful, Pearl! I love the idea of tumble, and whirling. Can picture the letters spinning around, waiting for delivery.

  2. I like stream of consciousness writing and the idea of you being your words waiting to be delivered.

  3. I was just watching a show recently where a slave may have successfully mailed himself to freedom. I was interrupted and wasn't able to watch the whole shoW
    Here it is:

    Though the way the show explained it - I thought Mr. Brown was going to his wife and children. But I may have misunderstood. Anyway I'm sure that his travels were quite different from just being a wisp of paper. :)

    Thanks for visiting my non-fiction piece on the prompt. We are glad it all got sorted out rather quickly.

  4. Oh to sit on that box and swing our legs and think and dream...when all along what we are and what need is in us..ready to posted - in whatever form - magic!

  5. Anticipating a poetic disclosure of the site of delivery... So creative and well crafted!

  6. Why, yes, if no one else will write you a letter, then write one to yourself! Marvelous idea!

    No Idea: Whirligig 13

  7. Like the feeling of running through someone's thoughts that this poem gave me .. interesting technique.

  8. Oh, this is my absolute FAVE entry!!!