Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolved: Embrace the Shadows

Resolved: Embrace the Shadows
Today was his birthday
He always loved this day
Black eyes shining
As a boy though he
was my father
Today, the early morning
Still dark and silent
In the kitchen
warm air
in the laughing
with no customary
cardinal he was
Today was his birthday


yesterday's first "small stone" 

There atop a crimson valentine's day box of tiny scented soaps - a yellowed picture of that little bathing-suited little girl, arm slung around her daddy's bare strong shoulder both staring with the same black eyes straight from then into today.


  1. So touching Pearl - and yesterday's even more poignant.

  2. Such a sweet remembrance, Pearl -- lovely!

  3. My mother's name was Pearl - so I have a special love for your name!

    I love this poem. You are a very gifted poet, and I will follow your blog. I look forward to reading more of your beautiful work. It appears that we have a lot in common. . .you tend to write the reflective sort of verse that I do (although you do a better job!) - at least when I am being serious. . .I write a lot of "toss-off" quick, humorous (I hope) junk as well as the more considered work.

    Thanks for sharing your words.

  4. Oh thank you Paula for the very kind words... I was actually named Pauline (Paula) for one whole day before my name was changed -ah the synchronicity continues -welcome aboard :)