Saturday, January 19, 2013

A fitting goodbye - Humbly dedicated to the children of Sandy Hook School and those who loved them.

A fitting gooodbye....

They had left in limousines and dark suits. The moms in freshly salon blown hair.  The dads with reddened fresh shaved faces.  They had left her behind.  "Heartless!"  Aunt Marjorie mumbled,  as she left the house and joined the procession following the small white coffin to a large white service hall and then to the open ground of stones where they would put her in the ground, toss pink roses into the hole and cover her forever.  She waited until the last car had rounded her corner - pulled on her boots and grabbed the balloons from her bedroom closet.  The park where Kaitlin loved to play was only a short run.  She stood in the center of the dry brush until her breath returned, untangled strings and released five red balloons - one for each year that her tangled hair, sparkly eyed tiny sister had lived.  Released them up into the air - and she was sure that she heard, instead of her sister's frightened screams as a gunman riddled her body with bullets in a classroom.  She was certain - that for the first time since it had all incomprehensibly happened - once again she could hear her sister laugh and the black and white world began to slowly fill with color.


  1. Oh, Pearl. Tears. Thank you for writing this. ♥

  2. Oh Hannah - thank you - nothing does these children and those who tried to protect them justice - I do keep thinking about those who are left behind still loving them... <3

  3. Such sadness. This is a hurt that will never end for so many families. I hope their worlds soon do begin to fill with color once again.