Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wordle #27 IN and OUT & Wordle #27 ELEMENTARY

In and Out 

there through a ragged break in the rusted-out drain pipe she catches cloud 
bridges arcing,
beginning to whiten, rolling through the cerulean  glaze of the new morning sky
There stretched legs straighten as she nods in glorious self-affirmation of 
and mindful of the jutting burst of blade outside her still strong heart begins 
to drag herself


"Just the elements. Rusted-out, this will never more be any good "
The handyman's helper nods agreement as he has been told he should
Feigns interested inspection even as his eyes begin over to glaze
Past the mother and lawn furniture to the daughter stretched in bikinied blaze
Not quite nineteen is he rolling through the grass aware of each sensuous 
fragrant blade
Drawn across the span of "they" and "he" and "should" and "never" drawn to where 
she laid
Until he sprawls, no longer ragged beside her all bridges between them blown to 
so much frag
Spinning in clouds of possibility achieved - Vanished in a finger snap and a 
bruising shoulder drag    


  1. I like both pieces very much, but was particularly struck with 'in and out'.

    Well wordled! :-)

  2. Pearl, I love "in and out", nicely done.


  3. Both poems are terrific, Pearl. The second one made me chuckle at the end, and the first one is so fraught with possibilities. Well wordled on both pieces.

  4. A very interesting duo, open to interpolation. I believe I enjoyed Elementary the most.

  5. I love the way you began the first poem with In and finished with Out! Brilliant! And "glorious self-affirmation of livingness" is quite wonderful!

  6. live, cool write on him,
    keep it up.

  7. Pearl, these are pearls. I LOVE the first piece. It makes me read it again and again.

  8. Aww thank you Brenda...just read this....thanks for the smile:)

    Kitty.... Thank you...I get " live and keep it up". ...but "cool write on him" went right/write over this head! :)

  9. amazing poetry.

    welcome share a piece of your talent with us today.