Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wordle # 23 Jostle in the Shop

A gentle jostle, a benign unintended move, so apparently her awkward accident

There in the shop where with fingered clutch she held that tiny dimpled hand

Important to chat with the owner, unfurl a bright silken blanket

A move designed to attract the eye of strolling passers-by

Each to leave a look, as one-handed she snapped the fabric into the air 

Letting it flutter, filling the store window with brilliant color  

It will be all they remembered, as always, opening that occasional portal of time 

through which she slips yet another child into the annals of absentia   


  1. Oh, I like it. Wonderful, Dr. Pearl. The perfect twist.

  2. Much thanks MP! I so appreciate your comments. Off to your wordle...I go :)

  3. It moved gently at the beginning in spite of that jostle and then the flurry of colors which gave the twist to end in Oh! oh!! Beautiful and had to read it twice over Dr PKP!!

  4. Oooh! Mysterious and a bit sinister there at the end; I wasn't expecting that at all. Well wordled. :)