Sunday, September 18, 2011

WORDLE 22 In the opal corridor

In the opal corridor
Her fingertips thrust
Before her the muse
stumbles toward the mirror
Yearn raw as sheep dung
As she sews to strengthen
With silken thread
Filaments to dusky dreams

WORDLE 21 In the Opal Corridor (revisited using all words)

In the opal corridor
Her fingertips verve-thrusted
before her the Muse stumbles
toward the mirror pausing to sit
in yearn raw as sheep dung
as she sews to strengthen
with silken thread
filaments to dusky dreams
omen to yet impassable egress


  1. Pearl~ Succinctly written... great use of the wordle words.


  2. Thanks Laurie...haven't gotten to my computer yet to post properly just fell together onto my IPAD :)

  3. As she sews to strengthen
    With silken thread ... I did like that! :o)

  4. Nicely put together, Pearl. Love "raw as sheep dung." :)

  5. I love the idea of sewing filaments to dusky dreams.

  6. Terrific poem, Pearl. I suspect we all have some dusky dreams that need to be revived and reinforced.

  7. Thanks Mike & Traci....really needed some support today....much appreciated:)

  8. Pearl, how stunning. In addition to the words Mike Patrick mentions above, I was enthralled with "omen to yet impassable egress." I don't know what
    wordles are, but they seem intriguing.

  9. Pearl, I like both os thes a great deal. The first is my favorite, due to the sheep dung. Sorry I wasn't here to support you earlier in the week. Some of the pieces got away from me. I'm glad you discovered the whirl, Pearl. :)

  10. Thanks Brenda ... I too am happy to have discovered the Whirl.. via Paula Wanken... and always fun to read sentences such as "...glad that you discovered the whirl, Pearl" Thanks for WORDLE and thanks for the smile :)

  11. Hi Purple...Wordles are wonderful fun....go to The Sunday Whirl to gi d out all about them. Thank you for your very much more than 'kind' comment.