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Saturday, June 6, 2015

In the light of Judgment

In the light of Judgment 

There lies within each heart
a section where judgments
recline on velvet couches - 
honed from the fat 
of experience, seasoned with 
kindness and empathy, and -
tempered with a gentle hand, 
and quiet visage - such 
judgments stay privately
held unless called forward
by need for moral witness
or pleas of personal request -
 - For judgments unleashed willy-
nilly defended as inaliable rights 
to opinion voiced - are the skeleton 
keys - opening the box of Pandora -
irresponsibly releasing crested chaos 
of conflict, cruelly rocking the sweet
boat sailing through the calm waters of 
peace of mind - immovable, immutable,
 judgments held with squinted eyes, closed 
ears and hearts -those- create crashing waves 
in the sacred sea of the one connected world - 
Yes, the fact of judgment is human
and common place - In its place -
secured as the hallowed hallmark 
of individuality - its unexpression 
another hallmark of gentleness of 
a kind spirit- born on the wind of 
compassion and respect and 
even delight in differences of
one and all, each and every. 
Judgment reclines on velvet
couches in the inner chambers
of our pysche - One may accept,
revel even debate differences
always aware that difference may 
lead to new knowledge of self 
and other -secure in the fact 
that even a mudslide
of critical judgment 
can never dissolve 
the core of  
a centered 

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