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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Time Of Repair

Healing Powers by Petr Kratochvil
Sunlight After Storm 5 by MALIZ ONG

The Time Of Repair

Now is the time to repair
driven to think of that misty
night of a no-mesh-tear

Now is the time to repair
the slate-buried-hope
under the empty-room of
longing waiting with a bent
key to become one of all

Now is the time to repair
battered-broken promises
of long-ago ones
and followers crying out
with righteous passion
ringing the cracked bell  
for freedom, justice
and the elusive-exclusive
pursuit of happiness

Now is the time to tenderly repair
the ripped flesh of
this nation's intention and integrity
to match positive action
With pluralistic voices
clear as any celestial choir
ringing healing through cracks, 
shining light through fabric-fissures, 
smashing stonewalls to dust

is the time
of repair
consigning hatred
to the misty ambiguity
of evaporated memory

let jagged fragments flow and
meet in a more perfect union  
for all



  1. Key words--"all" and "now"--always wishing the best for a dear neighbour. :)

  2. Amen, sister! And thanks for this piece... it is a strong rallying cry with soul, Pearl.

  3. Oh, how wonderful it is to seize the now and really use the time wisely. Loved this!

  4. The repetition of "now is the time to repair" drives your message home with power and grace.

    A Wee Whirl

  5. This is so beautiful... It's very real. I hate hate. I wish all people would start fixing themselves and the world around and help each other... I wish they'd start NOW

  6. Brilliantly composed - and now is the time. Let us all speak in one voice.
    Anna :o]

  7. Really good piece, we need a major overhaul right about now

  8. A fabulous poem with a message I wish everyone could read and take to heart. I love the photo of the Baby Buddha up top!! Healing powers indeed - none more powerful.

  9. Now is definitely the time for all you have stated in this beautiful piece.

  10. Amen!! Agree with MMT, you used repetition to excellent effect!

  11. How wonderful and strong this is Pearl. And I love how the baby's arms are out almost in an attitude of cute

  12. THere is a phrase, "repairers of the breach," and this poem sums it up. The repeated NOW is at first a reminder, and at the end, almost a command, and I loved that aspect. The two images are wonderful, too. Thanks, Pearl Girl, Amy

  13. I think this prompt was made for you, Pearl!

  14. inspirational piece
    repair is a well used word