Sunday, September 24, 2023

Take this?


Take this? 

Take this fear 

From me this

nausea, these 

icy fingertips


Take this worry 

of glaciers melting

swollen belly children

staring do-nothingers

rising tides and lowered



Take this disgust 

from me at lies 

bold-faced, insidious

divisive, insulting 


Take this insecurity 

from me as offspring

grown- withdraw and

bare teeth and in

difference incomprehensible


Take this soul-chilled

storehouse of historical 

horror – 

bodies floating 

from falling buildings 

children torn in

school houses

prayful people 

slaughtered shoppers, 

party goers, 

sleepers in their beds

drivers in their cars

walkers in the streets

toddlers drowned at 

shoreline – migrants

housed in cages –

children ripped from 

mothers – on and on 

barbed wire and 

crematorium smoke

waft from past into

pollution's noxious present

slavery, butchery, forests decimated,

a lone child’s cry growing faint under rock

on and on and on - we all know 

Take the spittle of hatred, the vicious glint of  eyes

the indifference of one another, the righteous

unrighteousness, the replacement of facts, with opinion

the instability, the cracks widening, the smashed sanctuaries



Take the knowing that I am more old than young

and growing older still on the known path to the unknown

working at the glorious,  inglorious oxymoron of

trying to find peace of mind … 


Take …..


Return each and every -

Take nothing.

Leave all mentioned

and all implied 

For in the convergence 

is the essence of caring

and I shall  not cede 

I shall not ever cede

to care  



  1. OMG, Pearl! Your poem was worth waiting for. Chilling, profound, today! My heart beat faster and faster as I read. You were really inspired. I identify with everything. The first two stanzas I thought were enough....but then you went on. And yes, the crematorium smoke -- lest we forget. We must not repeat. Thank you for this, Pearl, sincerely!

    1. Oh Mary thank you ... yes.. this was from the heart and soul and deepest apologies for the wait!

  2. Pearl! I applaud you for saying everything I feel and doing it so powerfully. Take all of it - if only it could all be taken, and a better world in its place. This is a powerhouse of a poem that I hope will be widely read. As this is the end of the week I encourage you to share it on facebook for people.......I would like to do so as well. This poem deserves to be READ!

    1. Aww Sherry... at the start of what will be a fast day for me... (not that I'm observant but I always fast on Yom Kippur because I think if nothing else it is good to know a little hunger) At any rate at the beginning of this reflective period I thought I'd share my own "take this"but don't take it... perspective. Hugs and love to you and thank you so very much for the support. It means a great deal.

  3. This is such a powerful and stirring poem Pearl! What a shame that This world is the creation of the humans. Don't know what can change it into something sane and bearable.

    1. Imagination....perhaps...and poetry always for those who can find catharsis in expression.

  4. The fear, worry, disgust, insecurity, horror, hatred--are in images so visual/sensual that I shuddered! Take them away, not the emotions but the causes . . . and if you/they will not, let me shudder, let me care. This may be the best poem I read from this prompt. Pearl, thank you!

  5. Oh my Susan... I am not receiving emails when a comment comes in and so I just read yours... ! Thank you so very much... I respect and admire your work and your enthusiastic comment touched me deeply. Much gratitude.