Tuesday, March 1, 2022



Neshama - Neshama - breath of life - sacred soul ...
sit in my bed at night - in the dawn of early morning
this helpless cheer-leader - pounding sunflower
pom poms - poems and pretty pictures -illuming my
unadulterated incompetence to truly assist - with each
breath - my shame - inhaled - my safe existence exhaled
as I sit - watching, watching, the soul of freedom furl
manifested in streets - one particled part of this entire
watching world who gather and cheer - some as simple
spectators at a novel televised event -this watching world
that sends a bit of support here and there as men learn
weapons and kiss loved ones off - as mothers craft molotovs - 
babes at breast - take arms or flight away - in the cold, cold -
smiling for children, tears flicked off tired eyes- as a singular 
voice calm and measured rises above -rises in a clarion call to
all to come and join in protecting freedom sacrosanct -
calls in unwavering passion - Neshama manifested - 
in a leader in a people - as the world watches - 
and watches and watches - 
Neshama - Neshama -soul of breath - of life -
We are one - We are one breath -
I cringe in my privilege far far
away - push the button on my
coffee maker -return to
the couch along with millions
of others to watch - to watch -
Nesahama - Neshama
soul of humanity -
my breath held
witness to
Glory -
Neshama -


  1. That repetition of "neshama-neshama" throughout, like a cry, was so effective here

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