Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Ephemeral Safe

Ephemeral Safe

cuddled under covers
legs tucked tight against
small soft me
trying to find safe
as it fluttered some-
years ran as the river
will a babe swelled my
belly and for a sacred 
time a bubbled im-
penetrable and clear
kept us within - 
stretching past birth
and feedings and 
cuddles over covers
and toddles and hugs
filagreed years of safe
landed bouncing on our
bubble until it popped 
and the icy dread of all
that could and was out
there flooded the sense
of me - found it peeking
around the corners of 
academia, breathed on
pages of scholarship -
flitted over friendships 
of wine and important
discussions - hung
almost there over marches
and banners, manifestos
and proclamations of 
change and hope and
then .. and then... tsunamis
and sweet seas morphing
murderous and ice caps
melting, and safe ran on
pounding legs across the
globe and in its place 
spiraled a pronged 
corona to sit upon 
heads and as knees
on necks and hatred
unleashed gallops 
red-eyed and foaming
safe floats
and yet

1 comment:

  1. Wpw, this is amazing, Pearl. I made the same journey - the safe years with small children when we could protect them, the years when we couldnt. And who could have known how dangerous the world would be one day? Thanks for stopping by to read my poem and for your lovely comment. Hope you are staying safe and that those you love are safe as well.