Friday, February 5, 2021


                                              This beautiful valentine heading created by Linda Law 


I hold the door open -until 

you safely pass in your chair 

dignity earned


once whirled a ten storied library 

believing could, should, inhale, mostly all...

Not nearly.


colossal crash-you lay 

limbs splayed in hallway - 

a lifetime passed

until you move


beyond hurt, shock, pain, 

the minutiae of mess, rises

the magnitude of missing 



I will sit with you by still waters 

my breath quiet, calm, 

even -

When .


I shall be your sponge drinking in each drop 

you rain, soaking never saturated


I shall quietly seek your needs and fulfill each in anonymity -

as universal intervention


I shall leave your spit on my face 

feel the rivulet as venom recedes


once I strode confident in all I knew 

until I slipped -

into your shoe


I trace your hands cobalt veins 

fingering but a fragment of 

all they held


I leave writing desk - lock the door - 

adjust mask - carry carton of food -



Your ways are unfathomable and 

I am but a wader in unknown depths -



The time for stiff upper lips’ softening 

is as they part in unmistakable recognition


we sit - a circle chairs spaced wide apart 

eyes bright above masks jumbling  possibilities


From cinders rose 

an invisible murmuration -

floated o’er that crowd 

a rumbled - Never Again


Hate tickles the fancies of some 

while others are busy planning dances - 

hold on


from grievance to gratitude 

a persistent barefooted walk

mindless of gravel - eyes on 



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