Sunday, February 17, 2019

waiting for democracy

waiting for democracy

there in the drain
through a hazy blow
a strike for freedom 
hands reach, slide
until through the 
muck and mire 
their message 
waves as a banner
they climb, for 
scraps, we reach
hands waiting as 
always – democracy


  1. We are indeed waiting. Hopefully it is on the way, and will stick this time. That photo is riveting. Lovely to read you, Pearl.

  2. I think democracy will fail the day we cease to help each other.

  3. So many who live in democratic countries cannot imagine the pain and fear associated with dictatorial governments and being unable voice your feelings lest you be reported or even punished for having your own point of view. We must always be watchful even in present democratic countries.

  4. Truth rings in your words here Pearl.

  5. From the title which denotes waiting to the end with a sticking democracy, this is such an interesting piece.