Sunday, December 20, 2015

Extreme Scheme Cooking

Extreme Scheme Cooking

Fold the fact in fear–flood the lines-lure the
old, the young and the all in-between spreads in
vicious bytes of hate –light, and burn to taste -
crease recipe in a malevolent page of history 
in the making - save on a shelf for a later era -
or -
stop stewing, brewing, cooking, looking for
fear, smell the proverbial roses and look - at the
sea and sky, mountain and meadow, and when
the blood dries and the streets are swept clean -
gather children about you - 
and  dance 
until doves


  1. I will join the dance with arms spread wide, keeping my eyes peeled for those doves.

  2. That does indeed sound like the best direction to take in the face of the reality which confronts us..beautifully written

  3. just another page turner cooking up a storm ... Love love love ...

  4. Yes, dance until doves fly. I like this invitation!