Monday, September 7, 2015

Money sleeps

Money sleeps

She should have disbelieved her friends who
said there would be a warning – a signal from
the tower – There was nothing but the bridge
burning –and she ran with the women to the
pond standing each with at least a lone infant
wrapped in a skirt torn from her body- holding
babies high above the scum – as night fell and
fires burned - they stood together unscreams
behind chattering teeth – Nothing more than a
collection of wasted organs – unrelated DNA
their tears and gasps and horror, insignificant
as a single cell is to a mammoth – as Money
turned on the telly, shut the windows, flicked up
the AC, pulled the curtains closed, spraying air –
freshener to clear the annoying stench of death 


  1. There never is a signal, is there? And that stench of death...air-freshener and AC are hard-put to clear its annoyance, yes? There's a light touch here that belies the horror - I especially like "insignificant as a single cell is to a mammoth" - good comparison.

  2. Horrifying, Pearl. This is nightmare stuff.

  3. That baby being held aloft is so very vivid...what should be a nightmare is happening in reality for too many...a powerful poem