Wednesday, December 3, 2014

From womb to world

From womb to world

Rocketed from womb into the world
Eyes bright, deep and warm – seeing
already a future ribboning like satin
Unspooling into aquamarine frangipani
Nursed and nuzzled, rolled, stood, walked
and ran on strong legs browned in the sun
Days tumbled into monthed years –
Rocketed on two-wheelers and Jeeps
Picture books to legal tomes –
Eyes bright, deep and warm seeing
Sharing, loving, leaving, skipping
Across campuses and country
Writing his own name for himself
In a firm hand with a dimpled wink
Rocketed with steady sureness of step
Love whirling – 
eyes bright, seeing his child to come as did he
Loved, held, and released unfettered by any  


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