Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Poems "The Hope" - "Hold on to your pride" "Baby on Hold" "Hold on to those dreams" "Heart Held" inspired by the prompt "Hold"

Irene Marie Dorey

Hold on to “The Hope”

The strains of the anthem play
across ashen faces of old walking
through gates of hell back into life
free footfalls aimed in the direction
of a desert place where milk and
honey and home awaited … now
that the trains had finally stopped
running and the crematoriums stopped
billowing clouds of satanic smoke
They sung with sunken cheeks and
smiles “The Hope” that they had held
soon to be an anthem of a dream
realized born of the ashes of others
written in numbers on their arms


Hold on to your pride

It is more important than my heart
that leaks in clumps of ripped pulse
around the sweet spot where you
used to play and throw your arms
around my neck with a kiss goodnight
I sprinkled the seeds of this pride
sewed them sowed them into your
being – never imagining that they
would grow with such enormous
power to reach in and rip
and yet you hold on to that pride
as I continue to hold on to you


Baby on Hold

you stay lingering
forever cherished
though you never
gulped a single breath
in that cold cold white
room of long ago


Hold on to those dreams

Hold on to those dreams
those visions, schemes
and all manner of such
until the day when they
hold you, embrace you
and in the darkness that
falls lightly tickle you touch


Heart Held

In the hold
of the heart
we live forever
young dancing
barefoot in the

of time


  1. Love every one of these "holding on" poems! Memorizing the last one...


    1. Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP)September 20, 2014 at 10:58 PM
      Thank you dear Nurit - I thought of you as I finished the last. (actually, it was the first written) ...l. Delighted you enjoyed :)