Sunday, August 3, 2014

To Bliss

To Bliss  

I hear your tiny mewl of irritation
Soft as a kitten as we sit in the sand
Slake your appetite with my breast

My thoughts jumbled, tumbled
With the peach fuzz of yours
I lie you on soft faded flannel
Free you from your diaper
there you lie under the shade
of the flamboyant tree as the last
midday heat drops into the aquamarine sea
We tire curled together as surely as though
some celestial finger floated to point our way

To bliss


  1. What a glorious word picture of motherhood.

  2. Ah, this is lovely; conjures such a blissful, memorable scene with so many sensual, images Wonderful.

  3. Precious memories to hold too... Beautiful portrayal of bliss...

  4. That doesn't indeed sound blissful....felt curled along in the sun with you both

  5. Such a lovely moment captured so beautifully in your words.