Sunday, July 13, 2014

Model child

George Hodan

Model child

They dressed her in crinolines
took a shot on bended knee from the side
rhe lump in her four year old throat pounding
as she smiled her cheeky
All dimples  "Again!" chiclet teeth flashing -
a sparkled twirling soul lackluster dimmed
"Hike up her skirt"
new Mother hissed, "it's all wrong"

She turns
toward her mother's voice
eemembering Other Mother
in the green park where
they picked daisies and
lied on their backs watching clouds
Far outside this closed room
where millions get manufactured
from stolen smiles of mannequin children
Closes her eyes for an instant and
watches as white butterflies
lift and fly above their touching heads

Brushing her cheek with velvet wings
carrying her
off back to before
That man ever said she was "pretty"
back beyond the eclipse of honor
caught in plastic gilded trophies -
each holding a piece of her shattered heart


The Sunday Whirl


  1. Made me think of becoming like a doll...there but not..moulded..manufactured into something other people want (mistreat)... Though am glad those daisies and clouds can be remembered

  2. Oh what a commentary on children being thrust into that whole beauty nightmare........loved her wistfully remembering Other sad.

  3. It's a shame the children get pushed into doll-like compliance and stuff their grief so deep. I feel such a kinship with this little one.

  4. How sad it is that so many children are not allowed to be just that but playthings for their warped parents who cannot see through children's eyes.

  5. a bit scary...and sad...the whole model persona...the making them hike up the skirt...look a bit older...yikes...we rush them too much...

    hope you feel better....

    being sick is probably why...but check your spelling in the morning...

  6. It is sickening that mothers put their children through this nonsense!

  7. Sad, but beautifully portrayed.