Friday, July 18, 2014

Just Leave Mame Out Of It

Lode Van de Velde

You could blame it on weather
You could blame it on dust
You could blame it on whatever you simply must
You could blame it on temperament or
hormones or such
You could blame it on apparitions
You could blame it on so much
It does not much matter the content
of blame
the fingers
will point
the intent
is to shame
which by the way
not a game- ender
as too many proclaim
us here on the spinning blue marble
that we all for a time share
too lately, too easily, slough off 
righteous shame we should bear
So forget the excuses the
the rationales the evasive
runs and the whining-on rants
if you are even a teeny bit to blame
put on and pull up your big girl and big boy
responsibility pants

clean up your shame



  1. blame and shame... way too much of it in the world today

    I'd rather see more embraces and happy faces :-)

  2. Thank you for making me smile (and remember to forget the excuses...) Lovely!