Sunday, June 22, 2014

In the dancing dark


In  the dancing dark

In  the dancing dark - 
holding whispered praying
tight as a tarot blessed gun
to seduce the Creature 
the child on carpet creeps
clutching a bright copper penny
to toss into wishing well blood 
pounding against the pulsing plague 
that reaches through the dancing dark
to levitate all that is dreadful, gathered
into a single salivating lascivious kiss - coming fast 


The Sunday Whirl « weekly wordles


  1. Well, Pearl, you have really written some vivid imagery here. Your poem leaves me with questions about this child, who somehow seems intrinsically evil. I think I would run the other way from that 'lascivious kiss.'

  2. Well that is as good as any other remedy available 500+ years ago. Now we think the answers are in dietary supplements. We will never learn will we? The doll didn't seem all that scary to me. Mind you I had a stuffed monkey that had a new face sewn on each year as I wore out the old one so that might explain it.

  3. Your poem made me think of movies where children are bewitched and perform acts nobody understands.

  4. geezz...well the first part def had some creep factor to it...i dunno, i am not sure the child is the evil or if they are not the salvation in this...even with that creepy cupee doll up front..ha...was nice to see you today pearl

  5. Whew! I'm with the Cosmo :-) I don't know what to think other than I'm thinking. That is quite an interesting piece.

  6. I think the thing she fears is of this world..not another..vivid..heart racing write..i want her to keep holding onto that penny..

  7. You selected the perfect image…that little doll is scary! You piece was very fun to read.

  8. This has the eerie feeling of Ira Levin's Rosemary's baby or Omen.. those blue eyes of the doll seem so threatening..

  9. Yoiks - wishing well blood. This poem worked better at waking me up than a second cup of coffee. And you have no idea how tired I am! hee hee. Good one, Pearl.

  10. that's a dark serving. have a non scary Sunday

    much love...

  11. a dark and wicked way of simply describing a child heading your way with a penny in his or her mouth. should I run or surrender to this toddler? love it!

  12. Oh yes, beware a kiss from a toddler, who know what what the creature was kissing before

  13. Beautifully described, as always...