Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Forever Father's Day

...and so the little girl walked on porcelain soled edges
straight up to the split of the fog soft cliff - her breath
a wavering whistle in the wind blowing through the
chimney where once he had been  – with a gentle smile
and strong knuckled hands he had deftly drilled six secret
forever fortunes filled always with the elixir of his wisdom
from which she could drink - and drink she did –
swallowing the ambrosia of him –
healing the rendered rip he left when he had flown –
filling the pit of emptiness with the fortunes he left for her
to find – again and again – forever –

She watched the others watch her – seeing only
an aging woman drinking from a small cracked tea-cup
smiling patiently at her time-worn habits – and she smiled a
secret smile filled with father forever love –
born and continuing
to ride of the whisper of
a wish
Happy Father’s Day


  1. What a great memory! Love the poetic flow :) ~ Happy Father's Day!

  2. This is a lovely Father's Day piece!

  3. Beautiful done. Great tribute too

  4. What a touching piece this is. Often it is such simple things we remember with affection our loving parents.

  5. Luv her remembering smiles,. M y Sunday mere is still open, you can link up, thatcwould be so nice

    Have a good week

    Much love...

  6. Those closing lines are absolutely glorious.....wonderful tribute, Pearl!

  7. I can see the little girl, and I can see the aging woman, and they are One... Lovely!

  8. The imagery is so rich in this poem..the best gifts are the ones people bestow into our being..a lovely tribute