Sunday, May 18, 2014



floating on the force 
the people pass below
plastic-casted alabaster, 
bronze, ebon, ruddied red
yellow - shaded differently
soon to be revealed as the same
and the child on the cloud's cumuli
stands and throws with glee, altitude armfuls 
of the sweet bread of change, of peace, 
of contentment - watching breathless the whole of it- 
waiting - 
yet the glory is squandered 
and the small mind sent spinning 
senseless at the  graphic ennui of a  
collective coalesced massive shrugged shoulder
and the child falling back into a clouded center
wonders at the swirl of their complicit avoidable 
doomed dogma of disparate desperate disaster
as their cries of chaos tear tender ears
as the bread is trampled into mud, and dust, 
destroyed under heedless raging restless feet - 
that sweet bountiful bread ripped - raped 
to ravaged refuse in their mindless war of "Mine"
and the child wonders - again and again and still -
Why did they not rise in collective claim 
and catch the easy soft showered peace
Why did they trade the joyful common 
language of laughter for separate screams 
when but for swallowed mouthfuls of manna
they could have shimmered -
Oh how they could have shimmered  
within the mystic magic melting of 
Mine into Ours - and the child empty handed now
peeks over the edge of above to below - as a single
trembled tear gathers strength to fall 


  1. it's sad when there are good things provided and people cannot or do not want to take them - or turn them into sth. they were never meant for

  2. How graphically you illustrate the crisis of life unseen by so many of us blinded by our comparative wealth and greed.

  3. A heartfelt piece..with a heartbreaking ending..

  4. Love that shoulder line! Such a massy shrug. Inertial.

  5. Why not "catch the easy soft showered peace"? Love the closing lines. Such a powerful write! Loved it.

  6. Pearl, I love this, and will come back and read it again.

  7. Oh this made me sad.. but still humanity has a way of destroying all thing beautiful

  8. peace of contentment...that may be where it all falls apart, how can one be at peace when the other is never content...

    well done

  9. Love the final lines especially - a powerful image.

  10. I feel this right down to my core. Sadly, the innocent suffering the greed of humanity are sure to learn the way of such example and grow up to follow the same course.

  11. Great word play here, Pearl. Love the alliteration you have used.


  12. This is a WOW of a piece about peace!!

  13. Quite the alliterative piece for this peace! I'm proud of you! Great work, Pearl!

  14. I read and re-read this one. Powerful and deeply touching. "the sweet bread of change, of peace,
    of contentment - watching breathless the whole of it-
    waiting -"