Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cross-road that hopefully a parent never reaches-A Kaitlin Poem*part of a series of 13 poems

When does the time come
when a child's laughter
trailing off across green
wet summer grass
freezes into the ice
of winter, thaws again
into spring and still
echoes into summer.

When does the time come
when listening for the
laughter becomes a memory
rather than an anticipated
When does the time come
when hope is replaced by

Who determines the cross-road
when laughter dies
on decomposing lips
of a child
forever gone...


  1. I responded to your request on PAD November challenge at Poetic Asides. I find it very difficult reading so many poems on there, so am grateful for the opportunity to read yours here.

    Your Kaitlin series is heartbreaking. Beautiful poetry, on a subject no parent should ever have to write. I will read more of them next time I look in.

  2. Thank you so very much ... I was busy completing the NaNo Challenge which involved Kaitlin as well!