Monday, November 8, 2010

Cat-In (not Kaitlin) Agreement with a Kitten

The meow was tiny at the front door
A puff ball of coal in the damp chilly air
Pea sized green eyes staring mercilessly
Two paws on the threshold allowing my hands
there to lift inside in the warmth
in from the damp chilly air
Had just finished writing for the morning that is
The house still and silent gathering melancholia
like dust
When that tiny mewl called and answer I knew that I must
There inside held against my chest
Put down some kibble she gobbled like
a tiger the rest
I went to the refrigerator some cream for a treat
And as I turned tiny green eyes in black coal did hold
mine and meet... as she turned from the cream and rubbed
months' new fur face against touching finger tips
a rising, warm tide rose up swelling roaring with a hunger to feed
as we locked eyes together and with a purr and a cradle heart to heart we agreed
share a day filled with grace blending serendipity with our mutual need
suspend all else and spend this day together inside out from the damp chilly air
together in warmth and connection and simple living pleasure to share
a tiny kitten and a woman alone exchanging warmth then and there
both banishing the cold chilly interior and exterior air
And at the days' end curled against her chest a purr rising deep from a met need each eye sparkled and closed with sigh of a day spent well


  1. So sweet. Did she stay forever?

  2. Yes! I was writing a great deal about a character of a murdered raped 4 year old little girl named Kaitlin...there is a series of poems here on this site...the story. Of Kaitlin's mother became centerpiece for a NaNoWriMo novel...itvwas during this time kitten appeared odd I coukd entertain possibility of " her" being little Muse Kaitlin who appeared name and all from who knows little kitten stayed, even when it became apparent " she" was a " he."

  3. So very happy for you keeping this new friend by your side. Love the story of your first meeting.

    1. Forgotten I had written this - pictures of Oliver on my timeline - he is now three - a dignified gentleman - who somewhere along the line lost his purr -