Monday, September 20, 2010

Jack K. – Celia’s Husband

Like a "fart in the breeze"
said he sparkle in his eye
dismissing someone or something
not a melancholy poetic sort of guy

clipped mustached
sprinkled with pepper and salt
in clothes his wife laid out
pocket square, tie
matching hers coordinated
dressed without a fault

Appearing in a nightgown
stuffed with melons
barefoot, hands on hips
towel on head, prancing with
delicate calves
bringing raucous tears to eyes
and laughter to all lips

Dispensing wisdom of the road
Turning to talk face to face
even if you sat in the back seat
riding in one of the pricey cars he
fancied - liking eyes to meet

"Drive your own car-
let them worry about theirs”
and when invariably he’d slide
into a car in front handled settling
up with a laugh and absolutely no cares
"Parking is easy - back up until you hear
breaking glass"
As those learning defensive driving
remembered and held back laughter sitting in their class

Born into poverty
Hard work melting into
Depression Days
unlike others of his time
relished gifting others
especially his wife in an
endless parade of ways

Like the day when he
came home with a
small navy velvet drawstringed
sat her down and on the carpet
rolled a handful of large diamonds
“Pick yours”
I’m not taking them all back.

Loved his birthday and good will
as he stood at his coffee shop’s
announcing to each walk in customer
what his special smile was for
"Do you know what today is?"
they all would say
and at day’s end driving
home exclaim
"Know how many customers
knew today was my birthday?"

Wanted to travel the world
with the wife that stayed his
wanted to see pyramids
fine paintings all with her
right there at his side

“They’ll carry me out of here”
he would often say
and she would answer don’t be
silly you have plenty of time
to retire later on one day

Didn’t exactly “carry him of there”
not quite how it went down
at “sixty-four” got a real
“Hospital President’s Physical”
would have enjoyed the hand of
some Universal great clown
he checked out just fine and died
a rich, yet untraveled man
smiling widely in his hospital issued gown

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