Tuesday, September 28, 2010


To Everything

From crept emerald
slugged caterpillar
to wet winged butterfly
fresh from chrysalis
poised to soar
a season, a time
for all

On Cycle

Father back-hands a mother's face
then holds her in passionate embrace
Child grows to do the same
Only a slim chance to escape this game
Frigid winter melts to hope bursted spring
Loosening concurrent despairing
Shaking hand does not stay
reaches for the amber bottle after many a day
Suckling infant, grows to man strong
and creates from himself another before too long
Ravaged child in fear quakes
until grown a victim child he takes
There are cycles one hopes to shatter
and others uplifting all that does matter
All that was, is, and will come to be
most cycles a choice only few fixed naturally

White Light

white light flashing brilliantly
white light flashing brilliantly

upside or downside up

light flash, sound crash, chaos blur
to a finger flicked, a smile returned,
form, order, meaning, connection,
extended, expanded, apparently limitless
light flash, sound crash, chaos blur
more or less

Sy Kills

Oh no here comes Sy again
he was at one prompt time into
science but now violence is his pen

"SY KILLS" The back story of Sy Nomore

Knew him at the lab at school
still, poised, silent "tech"
first at work, polite all through

Deferential all he knew
beneath the surface
toxic fuliminations brew

Until today's headline read
dead at hand of one
Sy - quiet man, hatred led

Entered science to dissect
why his father had
dropped from roof rope tight on neck

For P... - Cycle of Sweetness

Little girl's
smooth chest
two small
into breasts
sweet cells dance in
joyful growth
whirling until

Something happens
who knows?
Maybe one elbowed another
and things turned sour
animus filled
they gathered and
eyed each other

Until forced
the trouble-makers marched
to their rooms
and behaved quietly
reading books
and staring out the window
for a while
until in the way of
trouble-makers they
stirred again

No More Time Outs
Now comes
Forever Banishment
But for the joyous and
safely dancing
deeply loving
under smooth skin
into the musical
distance of ever after

(this is a particular form 3 stanzas 6-8-6 and a refrain)

Hands moving forward on the big clock time
Things that moved in rhythm now just rhyme
Up the stairs climbing pushing air like a mime
Up the stairs climbing pushing air like a mime
Wake up with a start straight up in the bed
Heart stopped, heart pounds, fed on the dread

Shake it off – Shake if off – Keep moving on.

Hands moving, hands moving seconds at a time
Want to stop the hour glass pour back sand’s climb
Want to stop the hour glass pour back sand’s climb
Sagging, slogging, physicality
Twirling, sparkling, sizzling, sensuality
Things that moved in rhythm, now just rhyme
Ache to make each second count not mark time
Up the stairs, up the stairs, pushing air like a mime

Shake it off – Shake if off – Keep moving on.

Hands moving, hands moving, flying over time
Dancing, prancing, hip jut, lip pout, jazzing on the climb
Breathe deep- Breathe deep - Drop all that dread
Clear the webs – Clear the webs - Clear the webs from your head
Turn it, touch it, burn the candle – burn the candle - two ended flame
Long as you feel it – Feel it - You still in the game.

Shake it off – Shake it off – Keep moving on.

Oh Me Oh My

The same as in years gone by
Go to the booths push the lever
Tap on a screen or with a pencil write
Curtains open or just walk away
Presto changeo and wallah!
A new President cheered by some
And by others No Way!

When will this cycle change
who can be the one to know
Just carry forward and off to vote there go

You see that's the way it used to be
Some folks heart sick
But always deferring for the country
Their hearts looking up from the floor
Knowing there'd be another chance in four

That's the way our founder's set it up to be
And ALL played along if not happy then at least nicely
Until an unseemly patently unAmerican hatred
Set a table at a Mad Tea Party

Now we ALL hold onto each opposite side
Fearing I suppose that we might just slide
And like Alice long ago
Land in a strange Through- The.- Looking- Glass world
that none of us will know

Yet in the holding hard in fear and mistrust
We are creating a country in which in " No One "
Anyone can trust

This is the United States of America, remember?
" home of the brave and land of the free? "
.....all those pretty words from sea to shining sea
Up to all Americans after the horror visited on WE
to realize the threat to OUR America is if WE become
each other's enemy
Let us renew our nations' vows sitting on this or that side of the aisle
Putting aside petty differences....because they're ALL petty drenched in guile
Our nation needs us all..united all as one
Let's get the work beginning and the renewal done
We have no time for bickering, no time for fuss or hate
There are forces that threaten our ideals of life
Kicking at the gate...
Unite and escort them gently out by the arm
Americans band together against ANY that would do this nation harm
Be the harmers fly across the globe or shout from your tv
Other nations even empires have fallen from on high
It can happen here as well if hatred allowed to putrify

Around and around

Everyone it has been said
Opinion can hold
Facts shimmer but lies fold

So it has been and so it
Shall always so be
In this nation's shining " see"

Cycle's Tears

Why are you crying?
Why grand- daddy?
Because little one
All this is not new to me

Do You Get It?

Do you get it?
Do you get it?
Do you see.
Do you see?
This is no tv
Reality fun
You're playing
With a loaded gun
Aimed not into the sky
But at the heart of
This country
Do you get it?
Do you get it?
We're all in this
Potential slide
While you play
With murderous suicide

Look around
Look around
And you will see
Under the hatred
There is a nation
Of you and me....

Doesn t matter
Who started it
End it, end it now
Act together
Not alone
Then let's slap
Each other on the back
And take a bow
The show will go on
With us or without
Let's listen to each other
Still all the lips that shout
Not ten years ago we realized how much we were one
How could we forget so soon
And let hatred at each other have an applauded run?


I dreamt a dream impossible one year when I was twelve
An English Racer bicycle gleaming British green.
I dreamt this dream impossible as my birthday drew closer near
and then as is the way of things one morning it was there
My brother asked Do you want a hint?...Just one ..pinky promise"
He was cute and bursting with his secret news
I wasn t expecting much and the little guy was almost hopping
from his shoes
" it 's green, from England, has two wheels, and in the garage right here
I got my English racer and an important lesson too
A four- year-old has no conception of surprise or the transparency of a "clue

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