Sunday, June 13, 2010

There from the desk - Right, left and behind

Out the window to my left
branches from the tree that
blooms softly white flowered
in spring and summer, skeletal in late
fall and sparkling with ice in

Always there pulling me to the water
that slice of blue that peeks between
a house taunting me with its presence
there across the street seen seated
only with a crane stretch of neck
only then would I see the blue channel
perhaps a white boat, the marshlands
all spilling unseen to the sea

Inside to the left St. Thomas in
a silver frame at night, the sea navy
under a purpled sky,
to the right St.Thomas,in a silver frame at day,
turquoise sea, white beach, palm trees under
that impossible yet usual blue sun-blazed sky

To the right shelves and more St. Thomas,
a book, framed photos, and there myself
stretched in decades dissolved
sunworshipping incarnation, of flat bellied
indulgence raised on elbows breathing it
in, soaking in it, inhaling the Island where
it still holds me, embraces me, and always
offers present respite and future alternative
I knew I held on but never realized how I had
surrounded myself, encircled in a talismanic
circle of magical protection,
left, right and yes even as I turn
behind me on a shelf the turquoise sea
twinkles, smiles and reminds me
that always there
is another way

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