Friday, June 11, 2010

Clodhoppers are not easily roused

It was the second of June

and all through the night
the Clodhoppers tossed
tossed and turned
in the sweet summer moon

The Clodhoppers excited
unslept wondering what
was to come - of what was
to be there
when hours from then
the sun rose in the air

The Clodhoppers knew
from the largest Boot
to the tiniest Baby Cloddie bootie shoe
that for sure something
was coming in - that they all knew

Don't ask how they knew it had
come into each mind in a bright
unheralded sparkled flash light
as they all sat up at once
at one minute past the midnight

It was the second of June
and the Clodhoppers sat in their beds
on the edge of their couches
even babes raised tiny shoe heads

They knew it was coming they knew it was
They knew not its purpose nor what it meant
to them and those dear
The Clodhoppers knew only that
something was near

And as the dawn rose pink fingers
drawn across the spine of the sky
Each and every Clodhopper raised an
wide opened shoe eye up on high
As all together in some unknown
unexplainable way they each saw
the silver satellite come closer
their way

As the craft glided closer and the
sky turned bright white
the Clodhoppers stood together and
took in the sight
Their Clodhopper eyes fixed on the sky
as bathed they were instantly
in a flash bulb white light

And then it was over gone dissolved
into the air
And each and every Clodhopper turned
and started their day with not a word
shrug, or care

Not a start or a gasp just a Clodhopper
regular flat bland grunt of a sigh
Each and every Clodhopper forgot the flash
excitement and satellite there

For a Clodhopper is a Clodhopper
no matter what happens where
there - changed not one iota
even by a
bright white flash of satellite
in the early morn air

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