Sunday, September 3, 2017

Into The Mist

Into The Mist

Now is the moment to dive
into the mist as choppy vibes
plant specious spokes in that place
there - right under each nose
 Golem spectres marching bloody
soil soaking spill-spell - unless...
Now in this moment we dive
Into the mist of indifference
Into the mist of fear
and find the
fingers of light
shining on the
other side …
Now -
is your


  1. Yes, we must dive. Indifference is no longer possible. I love "now is your moment - dive."

  2. And what a dive..simply stunning

  3. diving into the mist of indifference and fear.. very nicely said..

  4. The moment just before we plunge is the scariest.

  5. This reminds me of dark nightmare that one might wake up from in a cold sweat, woken by light disturbance in the curtain chinks, I'm probably right off the mark here, but all the same I enjoyed your poem.

  6. I almost read this title as Into the Mystic by Van Morrison. I like the last word...Dive. dive into the light. Oh yes.

  7. Dive .... light shining on the other side!

  8. "DIVE" !
    Without the effort,we will never know the reward!
    We must accept the challenge !!

  9. yes, we should not be held back by fear

  10. No room for indifference in today's world. But I feel I'm on a mountain peak and need to dive in every direction at once. It's not the dive that's hard. It's deciding which way to go.