Sunday, October 8, 2017



the storm has ravaged the emerald fringe 
that bracketed the road - now brown bare -
ripped red road seeks the sparkled harbor -
here, there, rise small  road- kill -lumps in 
mud frieze frozen in heat - this Pompeiian 
savage struggle - I stare in the after storm 
swirl -in the emptied eye of your  maliced
mystery - I struggle to sigh from the mud- 
once-manna-frangipani-paradise lush..lost 
the storm has ravished the emerald fringe 
that bracketed the road -my charge now to
power through and find the turquoise harbor 
still shining as North Star - in your soul as on
this sparkling surreal island holder of memory 
past - beauty that brought us to our knees - 
portent of all possibility for the future to come
then and only then in gratitude and hope can 
lift from the mud and live - 
until then I am but another 
bump of road kill flattened 
under it 
by it 


  1. How very true! Mind boggling the destruction and it just keeps on coming!!
    I wonder is G-d as annoyed with Trump as most of us are ? Is this his way of warning us ??

  2. " then and only then in gratitude and hope can
    I lift from the mud and live - "

    its important always in the struggles of life to rise again and again

    Happy Sunday Pearl

    much love...

  3. We must lift up from the mud, before our entire nation is road kill. Brava! And thank you.

  4. How the paradise dies... we have seen it, but feeling it being crushed under your wheels is another matter.

  5. The storm as a metaphor for life is quite effective.

  6. "...this Pompeiian savage struggle......the emptied eye of your maliced mystery".....what powerful lines! The "beauty that brought us to our knees" now giving one the strength and hope to rise again........wonderfully written, Pearl.

  7. Road kill is what it is...we just have to feel a bit sorrowful then move on. Good write. :)

  8. Intensity fills this poem, Pearl. I like you use of the emerald fringe.

  9. It shows how we should appreciate the good while we have it as you never know when disater will steal even your small treasures away. What an apt poem following the Caribbean cyclones.

  10. I understand the feeling of being flattened very well. These are troubling times.

  11. "in the emptied eye of your maliced mystery" Love
    Yes we can do nothing than surrender to storms and than "lift from the mud" Great write

  12. You found words for my thoughts... I do feel like roadkill... sometimes.

  13. Such intensity of feeling in this - with which I concur.