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Sunday, November 9, 2014

On the other side of the razor

Lynn Greyling

On the other side of the razor

Occam  suggested
Look for the simple
and so she breathed
in desperate incantation
See the shine in the mud
the roses rise o'er thorns
See birds soar above carrion
focused fervor in eyes of fright
Oh Occam! - help me see in this dark night

See benevolent wisdom in stare of the owl
Help me believe still in the crocus prowl
pulsing warm and gay under the frozen crust
Hold this thread of life I bore I must, I must
until I weave a tapestry from times remembered
waving bannered in this cold deadened night
here at the pain-paned window spectred sight
This crossroads as light leeches toward the dust
Hold, see and from this single fraying thread
Weave, weave, yes,  from fraying thread  I must  

Breathing with
him above the
whir life cheapened
beep of machines  where
breath once easy flowed
easy, oh how easy flowed 
to his future golden glowed

Breathe, Breathe, through
this vile, vicious night
See slip of hand accident  
not suicide - not suicide  
Never this complication
would Occam so decide

This child's now unlined brow 
sleeps, simply sleeps until first
first brightening light
waiting - to awaken - to Auroras call

laughing then - a simple solution to this all
laughing then - a simple solution to this all


The Sunday Whirl


  1. Such profundity in a wordle poem, such writing skill! Brava.

  2. Sometimes we just have to go beyond what Occam said.. sometimes we have to go beyond the parsimony and look for the complexity of dwindling tunnels before we find the sun again...

  3. The simple solution...the most obvious so often overlooked...breathe and be...

  4. simplicity might be the dull gem but the complexity of the facets make it dazzle..where to go is the question....

  5. Benevolent wisdom in stare of the owl......
    A beautiful, depth-filled poem, Pearl!

  6. This is an incredible piece of writing. I love so many things about it - the shape, for one, and the repeated lines at the end - so powerful. The story is wonderful and one would never dream this was a wordle as each word and line flows perfectly into the next - a wonderful poem!

  7. life can be so fleeting ... Some moments more than others

  8. How strong we must be to never give up hope...perhaps tomorrow we shall be free.

  9. Astonishing, the places you take this to. I could feel the tension, heightened by clever use of repetition.

  10. Another great snapshot through the tunnel of life.


  12. Simplicity sometimes invisible for eye and not a first choice.. ~ Powerful writing! x

  13. Wonderful! I love the meaning implied in the tree-shaped presentation!