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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Little Girl at Night

Little Girl at Night 

knees drawn to tiny chest she curls in velvet
night her secret swallowed under her silent
laughter, laughter polished to dazzling dancing
in the dark - this prismed diamond dancing, bouncing
joyful twirling as a whirling dervish –until the chill spills
down her spine –she, tiny seer, in the lifting dawning dark
tastes the stranger shadow who wears her father’s face
looming long-strong legs like steel twin towers
holding her prisoner of childhood
martyr to her mother’s sweet unknowing sleep
as the small bed creaks in supplicated sigh, laughter
safely stowed, the dancing diamond of joy stilled for now,
her fist stuffed in her mouth, small teeth grazing soft knuckles
as crazy time begins


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back Over the Hill

Back Over the Hill 

Oh yes just a gimmick – she thinks as trains of
images clatter through to tease - hypnotizing her
with loosed chickens of lust clucking cacophony
on-the-other-side-of-the-road – here, over the hill – 
her flesh scratchy-sere, demanding truth from purring
 lotion-potion promises - sweet words to halt the torture machine
in which she fell - entangled, snared as surely
as a worker-bee's uniform caught in the gears – this lotion-
potion sure to loose her from the liquor non-sense of this
suddenly slack body, these veiny hands, this wrinkled brow, 
these tired eyes suddenly lifting in hope born 
on the scent of lavender lotion massaging in backward circles- 
as all quiets – chickens and trains fall still, and she 
inhales deeply - 
eyes closing, closing - closed
 falling back 
into her true -self
on a sigh 


Thursday, October 9, 2014

31 Poems in 31 Days - Day 6 - Poetic Voice - Poem After Meditation

Sheeps' Meadow

From the tangled
tumble of sheets
and wanton wilding
cacophy killing
comes unbidden
the sheep
in the distance
roaming slowly
small white figures
in emerald fields
roaming slowly
in shafted sunlight
slowly roaming in
emerald fielded


31 Poems in 31 Days - Playing Catch-up Days 7, 8, 9 List, Meter, Elegy

Day 9– Meter

a poet of Scudder named De
a mermaid in indigo sea
beat me to the line
in meter-y brine
her limerick sliding down buttery

Day 8- Elegy -

Ode to Travels Not To Be Taken
It is time to pack the
suitcase of dreams of
picking up and dropping
it all – wandering wantonly
dancing barefoot on the
shores of some foreign isle
it is time to embrace the
comfortable waltz of
sweet safe surroundings
with dreams dancing
in the sunset

Day 7 – A List Poem

velvet talcum bottom
bare skin to skin melt
milk body temp heat
hot winds blow curtains
covering the bright sun
shining on that down covered
crown – a son – new word
whispered in frangipani
floating in a long ago room


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 5. Persona Poem - Coffee Cafe Guy

Coffee Café Guy

He looks over his mug –coffee
steaming as she hitches herself
up on the chair and sits Indian
style – long hair swinging onto
her cheek as she stares at her
lap-top screen and he watches
a flash of lace panties – peek
unconsciously lascivious

as he sips throbbing

vital signs

vital signs

she lies within tight white sheets
her sense of self strewn in strips
of paper connected to her name
printed on a wristband,  broken
sharded-self smashed as crystal
goblets sparkling in the sun - life
recorded in blind-blipping-beeps
silent speech melting into
a poem moving toward  this