Sunday, December 18, 2022

Happy Chanukah - Light To The Lonely -...The Miracle of Light For All...

To all those who have fond faces of family and friends to share the light of Chanukah I bid you well and wish you happiness in your joy - this, though is not for you - Not quite yet …
This is for those who hold the first candle over their menorah - and listen to the single sound of their striking match

This is for those who through, death, distance, disagreement or the simple cruel throw of the die land

Some shall remember and hunger for a past where the scent of latkes and love lingered loud and lasting in clothes and hair and walls and air from first night throughout
Some shall remember the glow of children’s faces - or shockingly their own face safe and excited over the simple sumptuous pleasure of a smear of jelly in a donut the incomparable taste of powdered sugar - the scratch of chairs as family gathered - the laughter of elders and the galed giggles of children

It won’t be the gelt felt in these ghostly yearnings - though tiny net bags of foil wrapped coins,dreidels , plastic and wooden and the inevitable electric menorah in someone’s house will very likely appear
This is for those tonight in quiet houses - who pull out an old or maybe a new menorah, who pull the first colored candle from the box and as the legions of lonely ready themselves for the scratch of the match to light the flame

Know that you are not alone - for this is the holiday where light lit the darkness and hope and resilience rose triumphant and joyous over darkness, fear and attack
This is for you - each and every and all connected as the flame catches and light dances within …
Listen and hear the laughter of then, of the what-could-be and rejoice in the spark of hope you carry forward joining as one on this first Chanukah eve creating a conflagration of camaraderie
throughout the ages -

This is for you - as you touch the tip of your light to your first candle know -
This is for you - for all those who in solitary or severely compromised number, nevertheless murmur ancient words, watch the wick light and allow oneself to feel the fill of the miracle of hope
As they did then - so you shall do on this first night and on each following night

May you feel your spirit lift as you join in the festival of light and may your memories and imagined perfect Chanukah merge, spin in the dancing of millions of flames together

For it is you, those who light -
in spite of it all who shall understand as the candlelight flickers and waves that you are never alone with the power of light in your hands - the true miracle of hope
To those and to one and all - may the glow of light warm your home and heart and may I wish you what can only be a Happy Chanukah
In honor and memory and musings of it all - from camps to kibbutzim to congregations to singing perfect families and back back back again to those who lit oil against darkness, gathered in solidarity and resistance and began it all ..
All as One - connected in the light lit tonight

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