Sunday, January 12, 2020

and the show must go on...

and the show must go on...

Change the channel ...
that low buzz, buzz, 
that bell that buzzes
burrowing beneath bone
that slow burn beneath 
the skull as they file in, bow
heads, sign to each other,
murmur sugar smiles -
this sea of black cloth over
shifting bodies, seated in
style of the living come to 
buzz as the ground bursts 
into the void - they lowering
the plain pine box - as she 
stares - a small fly in the vast 
Universe wrapped in a seemly 
daughter disguise - staring, 
beseeching in silent scream - 
Change the channel ....
Change the damn channel ...


  1. Sometimes the graphic is just too stark. Good that we can change channels
    Happy Sunday. Best Wishes for the New Year, Pearl.


  2. Powerful...the silent scream is felt.

  3. Wow. This is innovative and touching, universal and gripping. Very well written, very human. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. This is almost unbearable! You have absolutely conveyed the experience.

  5. I love how you have created a sense of claustrophobia - and the sense of loss

  6. Pearl this just grabbed me! I am dealing with my mother's decline right now--and felt this one in my marrow

  7. Oh there have been times when I wish I could have changed the channel, to not go through the journey life placed me in.

  8. Heart-sickening to watch. No channel will do.