Sunday, July 7, 2019

in short ...

in short ...

when in the course of human events 
ringing - this chime of a line, that sign 
of a time that still holds within the melt
of time, the groan of time, the shimmer
oath of time, in each heart beat then, now
and ever that looked over the horizon to a
time, a chime a sign, over the water and be-
yond a rainbow where all would find in the
course of human events a place, a purpose 
a vision of life, liberty and the unfettered 
pursuit of happiness…that chime of a line
crystalline, perfect ringing - sometimes so
soft one needs to strain to hear the sound, 
othertimes pounding with purpose, passion
and the urgent push of now . When?
In the course of human events, 
it becomes necessary…


  1. Oh, it's a very nice way of using the wordle, very unexpected to me, and definitely suiting.
    Thanks for sharing this pearl, Pearl.

  2. Excellent writing, Pearl. I love the beginning and subtle change in the end.