Thursday, April 11, 2019

Dedication to origins

Dedication to origins   

I come from the loins of teenage 
passion - think  Here From Eternity 
at a lake in the. Catskills - I come from 
the watchful whirling spectator of two
youngsters in love - singing from song 
sheets - playing handball on bare apartment 
walls - rocking their mattress in what I thought 
was their private wrestling game that they so 
enjoyed - I come from a movie idol dad lighting 
two cigarettes and giving one to my mom with 
the perfect tawny skin and tangerine lips - 
and from beyond this literal love - beneath - to 
the seductive scent of turpentine, the story beneath 
music-trembling-walls,  sinking into my soul as my 
tiny chest trembled - I come from the coalescence of 
survival in the face of oppression of having my small 
face turned to ingest the taste of ash - to feel the closing 
chambers - feel the forest and swamps beneath the ripped
feet of the fortunate -to fall into a hand hewn grave and to
burn bright in the crematorium of forever - I come from endless 
wondering at the ponderous spectrum between the poles of 
love and hate and a continuing incomprehension of indifference. 
I come from the far beyond then, the life bound then, the evolving 
this, and the thrusting forward into the then as yet unwrit ...
In dedication to these flickered images of origin and the 
layered miasmic, the mummurated mass of all omitted ...
each moment touched and razor scored another layer on my soul ...
earthbound still and yet dedicated to the sensed oneness that 
connects this filamented me to it


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