Thursday, April 5, 2018

Day 5. PAD Challenge 2018- Intelligence Poem


would be member of
the intelligentsia -
taken to mean that
longing to inhale
the NY Times in
its entirety long
before its sheets
could be held in
arms so small -
would be member
of that intelligentsia
dreaming of tall
windows and mantels
carpets on lemon
oiled floors and
people nodding
sagely exchanging
some of their all
as chamber music
murmured - moving
through time gathering
parchments one after
another and still the
intelligentsia shimmered
elusive as a Buckingham tea
as wisdom intrudes in gentle
pokes and prods and inner
nods - in marches and linked
arms and babies born and
suckled and lost and found
a united intelligenseea begins

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