Sunday, June 25, 2017

Never Enough

First time holding baby grandson Austin Monte 

Never Enough*

Ah to return to that drunk besotted joy - 
anticipation actualized as you new babe lay
a moment in the curve of my arms - I stood
rooted to this earth in sheer wonder
of the blessed now – in a blink
sly eye of the Universe spun-snatch-
melted you to poetry manifested
musing - yet each penned poem could be
torn and pieces flung to the wind
to drift dust- tattered when compared 
to that suddenly born actuality of you-
the flutter of your newborn lash -
perfect and inscribed forever – the
soft weight of your reality remains –
echo of all that can be – in a future
as yet unwritten – for now – my soul
soared, seared and ever yours –

always and a day ....and you sheer poetry 
appearing as an eight plus pound package 
of joy everlasting 
growing, glowing 
stretching, cooing 

*one can never get quite enough of the miracle and magic of a new baby
dedicated to my new grandson Austin 

The Sunday Whirl    
snatch, single, tattered, sly, dust, spun,
lash, drunk, rooted, sheer, curve, blink


  1. Oh how well I remember. And now that bundle of joy has graying hair and a loving heart! Great write.

  2. What a blessing to have a new life that close... true joy.

  3. Happy being-a-grandma, Pearl. So much joy!a beautiful poem. I know the magic of that single eyelash. It is all so amazing.

  4. What a sense of joy this conveys, Pearl! Welcome, Austin.

  5. Love the photo and the words. The magic of a grandchild – nothing like it...

  6. "I stood
    rooted to this earth in sheer wonder
    of the blessed now"--oh, there are few moments that root us in sheer wonder to the blessed NOW like that first moment of holding a newborn. You have written the joy so beautifully.

    Congrulations on your new grandson, Austin!

  7. What seems quite normal for some is in fact a magical experience to witness a new baby for the first time knowing that he/she has their whole life in front of them. A beautiful poem Pearl.

  8. Congratulations, Pearl! You whirled your words and shared joy. This poem is a blessing. I love the picture, too. It's all wrapped up in love!

  9. Oh, Pearl - so much love, so much to read between the lines.