Sunday, February 19, 2017


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She woke a tiny girl in a large apartment
marooned on a canopy bed high in the sky
Walls of glass – far above this new concrete
city -silently scurrying far far below -her bed
piled high with pillows – a cover to be called
a duvet – as though it made all the difference.
Her mother took her swing, made a good deal,
accepted as a sign from a divine Universe the
tall man who kept coming back to Do-Drop-In
diner and finally after thousand cups of coffee
and steamy side-wise smiles took them away
to here –Her mother now wore shoes with high
heels and bright red lipstick – lifted a little finger
when she sipped wine – from a closet filled with 
fancy glasses – all the same – all sorts of repeat 
things like that here – fat stuffed animals choked
with neck bows glassy-eyed on the window seat 
like one of those infinity mirrors things repeating –
on and on in this endless apartment -a pinned up 
butterfly behind glass walls –she lay marooned on
this canopy bed high in the sky and -it was wrong 
selfish wrong -she knew it-but she could not deny 
that she ached for the small stream at the end of 
the dirt road behind the school where she used to 
stop on the way home - looking for tadpoles and 
the glint of copper pennies -she knew it was wrong 
to look for a line that would draw them back – back
to wish each thing to vanish into a vacuum of never-
had-happened – for time to fly back to the then-when
she walked on ground - bare feet in the soft warm dirt 
of home – hope a thing that was only an ache in her 
mother’s eye.


  1. Longing a for a simpler life. I can empathise with her thoughts. This is beautifully written.

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  2. This poem is wonderful to read and envision. I especially love the closing lines.

  3. Captivating, but I am caught up in "an ache in her mother’s eye." That's splendid.

  4. Aye, but I am with her! I'd hope for the earth and escape from senseless repetition, too. For human closeness. Powerful piece.

  5. Oh, the way you've captured her feelings of imprisonment in her new life through the description of items in her surroundings is absolutely brilliant...the stuffed animals "choked" & "glassy-eyed"--the butterfly "pinned up...behind glass walls"---it's such an effective contrast to the warm freedom of "bare feet in the soft warm dirt of home."

  6. What a marvelous tale. I was drawn in immediately and hopeful to the very end! Kudos

  7. What a sad, new world the little girl is now trapped in.

  8. This is so very poignant, Pearl. I understand why the girl would wish to go back to those simpler walk bare foot on warm dirt. Somehow I don't think the mother really loves this guy. Somehow I don't think this will last.

  9. bare feet in the soft warm dirt
    of home – hope a thing that was only an ache in her
    mother’s eye.

    Soo tender.. so poignant!

  10. This is a very sad story... the longing for simplicity...I feel a gilded cafe is still a cage

  11. A picture of an upgrade that went down.
    Beautifully contrasted.

  12. Quite heart-wrenching. I think all your readers will feel for, and with, that girl.

  13. A poignant tale that rings true for me.

  14. bare feet in the soft warm dirt
    of home – hope a thing that was
    only an ache in her mother’s eye

    Great ending Dr Pearl! It leaves readers to ponder with lots of possibilities and all towards kind thoughts for Mom!


  15. I completely understand the girl's wishes. I love the image of animals choked and glassy-eyed. Wonderful poem, Pearl.

  16. "to look for a line that would draw them back – back
    to wish each thing to vanish into a vacuum of never-" beautiful and deeply touching!