Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Shelter of Shine


The Shelter of Shine 
Happy New Year 

I resolve standing in the center of the Shelter
Of Shine that there shall be a revolution in this
new day. I see in the waves of wheat and ripples
of sea, in the clouds skittering above and in the
earth beneath my feet the review of all that has
gone before and turn my face dedicated to the
light – recite that recent ways are not the way -
that despair, desolation and tears falling as
thrumming drumming dismal downpours are not
the design. With a lightening heart I cast off 
each moldered strip of gravitus 
each flickered beheaded bloodied individual
each scar and scourge upon Mother Earth in all her forms 
strip these horrors one by one and see beyond
and know that even the flattest grimmest
gray shall never ultimately win –
 for there is
no contest nor competition nor conflict 
There is only what is – and what is holds and heals, 
repairs the slightest fray in the fabric of the grand
shimmering tapestry. 
for all is meant to renew 
Here on this new morn in a fresh born year
it is revealed that all that beckons the darkness
is but a  fairytale – a whirl of whispery words
I resolve standing in the regifted 
Shelter of Shine that there is a revolution of
positivity and hope soaring beyond the curtained sky

 In this New day I shall fear no more the intemperate pull 
of purloined panic – stolen from my childish terrored fears – 
for there in the waves of wheat and the ripples of
sea in the clouds skittering above, and in the very
earth beneath my feet – in the darkest unstarred
night and beneath the skudding skies of cast-over
day there is always–
bright as an infant's newly gleeful gummy grin- 
trickling under closed doors and through cracks 
in darkened corridors of place and mind 
there is 
always light. 
Safe, in the radiance that pours about us all and gathers its beams 
into a smile of benevolent certitude –
I here and now with a strong arm and calming heart
throw fear personal, and collective, into the vanishing wind 
and stand
bearing witness 
filled with hope and possibility, kindness and awe of
All connected into One –
Centered in the glimmer and sparkle
in the crystal clear air of the future
of this bright new day beginning 

I Breathe 

Happy Healthy New Year filled with Peace, Love and Light 


  1. What a beautiful piece...I love that deep breath..and can't help but fall in love with the idea of a shelter of shine...happy new year back to you Pearl :)

  2. There are some delightful alliteration in this. :)

  3. This is so beautiful! We all need to find the center of Shine.

  4. This is a very inspiring poem, Pearl! I like the idea of bearing witness, filled with hope and possibility, and all connected into one. Happy New Year, Pearl.

  5. The glimmer, the sparkle, the bright new gives me that feeling of hope!

  6. I enjoyed the positive and determined tone of your poem, Pearl. 'I here and now with a strong arm and calming heart ? throw fear personal, and collective,' - my favorite lines as they involve the persona as well as the rest of us.

  7. There is so much darkness in the world .. we need to find that inspiration .. the strength that go into forth in hope .. I like how you manage to turn the resolution to that optimism in the end.. Happy wishes for a great new year...

  8. Sounds like this piece has a very challenging world to surmount, after accepting the challenge of a new day. Although your great piece implies me the reader to face it with confidence and joy. Yes! Thanks.

  9. "I resolve standing in the regifted
    Shelter of Shine that there is a revolution of
    positivity and hope soaring beyond the curtained sky"
    A rallying cry for a new year of infinite Possibility! Glorious! You are on fire these days, Pearl!

  10. Hopefully more people will see the light and be heartened by such beautiful words. Sadly we have an enemy not in front of us or behind but all around us and that is greed.

  11. You had me in right away from the title. Beautifully written

  12. The power and energy of your words have lifted my day Pearl. It is so hard to pick favorite lines but:
    " In this New day I shall fear no more the intemperate pull
    of purloined panic – stolen from my childish terrored fears..."
    resonated deeply for me.


  13. What a gorgeous mantra, Pearl! Love it.