Sunday, December 1, 2013

On the Border of Fatherhood

view-image.php by Maliz Ong

view-image.php Adrian Paulino


On the Border of Fatherhood

Oh thanks for the trouncing the bouncing insight
Your word on “the issue” that we talked through the night
I thought in our world on you in this crisis I would depend
Never realized land-mined forces would explode our road to that rubbled end
Oh thanks for the trouncing, the bouncing “insight”
On a blossoming seedlet, - termed “cavalierly” our mutual plight
You chose “weeding” quick and for all “the best thing”
Really? I foolishly thought love morphed to a wedding - a ring
Oh thanks for the trouncing in your oh so wise bouncing insight
Shoulders squared, I, mother-to-be, we walked from you into the night
The night that transcended into one after another bright shimmering day
Melted to rippled rich years emptied of you in all but one irrevocable way


  1. Maybe after the birth is when you become a father? (or not)..i find the last line beautiful..

  2. A powerful story. I can feel the strength building in the woman, as she walks away with her unborn child.

  3. there are indeed times when having the father a part of the life is not the best of options...

  4. For all the sadness in this the mother in fact walks off with the prize; this gift of new life to love and cherish and mold while he is left with emptiness and failure.

  5. I feel the strong soul behind the words...Bold confession.

  6. I find it sad. The unborn child is left wanting for a real father and no one will ever be able to fill those shoes. I find it happens much too often that fathers are left behind with nothing but an invoice. Mothers are the only winners here and they win only at the expense of their own children. -Not talking about this poem in particular, just about the way this attitude in general seems to have taken over our society. We treat fathers as extra baggage

    1. Great deal of truth in your comment - this poem spoke to the opposite issue - the individual who "opts out" of fatherhood... Illustrated by this line..."You chose “weeding” quick and for all “the best thing”

      thanks for stopping by and the heartfelt comment :)

  7. This is wonderful, Dr. P. Woman's bitter humor in the face of struggle, but, she becomes stronger.